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Dustin Smith

Co-Founder & President, Hum
Dustin leads Hum, a company focused on offering personalization to scholarly societies, professional associations and member groups. Hum uses real-time data from existing association/society software (including Silverchair!) to power personalization for every member, subscriber and partner.

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Silverchair Webinars

Data Trends: The Alchemy of Turning Your Disparate Data into Gold

As scholarly publishing organizations unite their content, editorial, member, platform, and web analytics data, they’re facing a wealth of ways to deliver truly actionable insights. Hear from a group of industry data experts and publishers currently on this journey to data unification and what they’ve learned along the way.
Platform Strategies

Platform Strategies 2023: Digital to Data: Marketing Strategies & Technologies for the Next Era of Scholarly Publishing

Open access policies, industry mergers, and data privacy policies have drastically changed the landscape for marketers in publishing and beyond. Today's marketers have had to nimbly pivot from B2B to B2C, from siloed to unified, and from highly produced to highly personalized. This session brought together industry leaders who are navigating the altered landscape from a variety of angles.