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Platform Strategies 2019

September 25 & 26, 2019
The New York Academy of Sciences

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Platform Strategies

AI vs IA: How Will Humans and Technologies Interplay in the Future of Scholarly Communication?

Technology has both the potential to empower and to disenfranchise all the participants in the research lifecycle. We are undoubtedly at the dawn of a new revolution in technology – one that will fundamentally change how research is carried out and communicated. In this talk, we explore what the world could be like in the near future as the calculational and creative capabilities of artificial intelligence emerge. Will we overcome inherent biases in AI? Can an AI be smart enough to think creatively? Will intelligent augmentation expand our capabilities rather than artificial intelligence replacing them altogether?
Platform Strategies

Are You Thinking Enough About Your Platform Data?

Scholarly publishers are sitting on a wealth of content and user data. Relative to some analytics and information markets, our data is laying fallow. How should we be thinking about our data and creating data partnerships or products? We’ll cover theory to practice in a moderated discussion with industry experts.
Platform Strategies

Capturing More of the Scholarly Lifecycle to Add Value

Whether seeking to advance their mission or to diversify their product offerings and revenues, many publishers are expanding their programs to include additional research outputs, such as posters, preprints, submitted and accepted manuscripts, expanded supplementary material, and gray literature. These outputs can provide tremendous value for the scholarly community. In this session, a panel of industry experts will discuss how independent and society publishers are developing new products and experimenting in their space; will provide an update on preprint publishing and considerations for such products; and will preview a platform for early-stage research, including conference abstracts, posters, and presentations.
Platform Strategies

Digital Strategy, Platform Technology, and Open Access. Thoughts as You Adapt Your Publishing Business.

Every publisher is grappling with transformative deals, Plan S, and what surely is a more open future. Join Alison Mudditt, CEO, PLOS, and Will Schweitzer, Silverchair’s SVP for Product Management and former Director of Product for the Science family of journals, as they share their perspective on the infrastructure, technology, strategies, and relationships needed to adapt to open access market changes successfully.
Platform Strategies

Oren Beit-Arie: How Aggregators are Helping Users, Libraries and Publishers Benefit from Change

Platform Strategies

Platform Strategies 2019 Highlights

Platform Strategies

The Research and Publishing Experience – View from the Front Lines

This is a window into the world of those producing and consuming scholarly and professional content – academics and practitioners. Some sample topics to probe: How do you keep on top of the latest updates in your field? How “up to date” do you feel you have to be? Where do you do your reading and do you have any automated feeds? How do you choose where to publish? What is the user experience like? What are your biggest frustrations? What are timelines like? Do you use pre-print servers? How does your field view them? Are you active on social media interacting with published or WIP research?
Platform Strategies

What Publishers Need to Know About Software Development

Software development is a complex field with a high project failure rate. This presentation surfaces important considerations that publishers should factor into their decision making and management practices concerning software development.