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Platform Strategies
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Technology Leader Roundtable

Open source or proprietary technology? Community owned or commercial infrastructure and solutions? Can we create competitive, differentiating features or is all publishing technology a commodity? How do you weigh ownership challenges versus partnership risks? These big questions underlie many of our organizations’ most important business strategy and technology decisions. How are some of our industry’s technology leaders grappling with these issues?
Platform Strategies 2019

Ann Michael


Chief Transformation Officer, AIP Publishing

Ann leads the Transformation Office at AIP Publishing and is charged with increasing organizational velocity, flexibility, and strategic alignment in data and analytics, new product development, and ongoing product operations. Ann joined AIP Publishing in January 2022 after more than a decade as Founder and CEO of Delta Think, Inc, a strategic consultancy in scholarly communications. She has also served as Chief Digital Officer at PLOS and has held several board and advisory roles in nonprofit, commercial, and startup organizations. Since the start of her career, Ann has been passionately interested in organizational evolution and working with organizations that are data driven and future focused. She has a MS from SUNY Stony Brook in Policy Analysis and Public Management and an MS in Business Analytics from the NYU Stern School.

John Shaw


SAGE Publishing

John Shaw is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at SAGE Publishing. A 20-plus-year veteran of the publishing industry, John has held various management roles in journals production, composition, abstracting and indexing, and publishing technology rolls. He’s currently responsible for SAGE’s global publishing technology program.

Stuart Leitch


Chief Technology Officer, Silverchair

Stuart leads the strategic evolution and expansion of The Silverchair Platform, designing and leading technology initiatives for greater platform scalability and capability while enhancing Silverchair’s unparalleled flexibility for new product development. Stuart joined Silverchair in 2012 and has twenty years of enterprise architecture, system design, and software development experience in the education, engineering, nonprofit, and investment industries.