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The Silverchair Universe Presents Zapnito

Silverchair Universe Webinars
Learn more about Silverchair Universe partner Zapnito. Zapnito is the expert network and knowledge community platform built to showcase expertise. In this webinar, CTO Jon Beer will discuss the impact of COVID-19 particularly in terms of events and conferences. We will look at how Zapnito customers use their online communities to create and maintain customer relationships and power their events digitally, and whether this will change how we think about, and facilitate, events forever. As a partner in the Silverchair Universe, Zapnito offers Silverchair clients simplified integrations uniquely understood and supported by Silverchair's product and development teams, adding value and opportunities for publishers on the Silverchair Platform. Through the Silverchair Universe's community of complementary products and services, publishers are free to select the tools and partners that best address their unique challenges and provide the most value for their users.

Jon Beer


CTO & Co-Founder of Zapnito