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Answers to the AI Questions You Don't Want to Ask

AI as a tool and as a topic has become ubiquitous since November 2022, but with the deluge of information, it can be hard to know where to get started for those just now ready to get their hands. In this session, we'll cover some basics and best practices around how to: - Get started - Prompt engineer - Leverage AI to engage technical topics (e.g. metadata, XML, or code) - Stay compliant (e.g. creating/ adhering to policies, or legal & privacy implications - Stay informed of new developments - Plus, bring your own questions, or send them in advance to be asked anonymously! Speakers: - Betsy Donohue (SVP, Business Development, Silverchair - moderator) - Lori Carlin (Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Consultant, DeltaThink) - David Myers (CEO, Data Licensing Alliance) - Brian Moore (Director of Online Learning, Assessment, Examinations & Curriculum Planning, AAOS) - Sven Molter (VP, Product, Silverchair)