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Daniel Hook

Daniel Hook

Digital Science
Daniel Hook is CEO of Digital Science. He co-founded his first company while completing his PhD in theoretical physics at Imperial College London. Following an investment from Digital Science in 2010, Daniel transitioned to join Digital Science’s management team in 2013, becoming CEO in 2015. Daniel continues to be an active researcher, holding visiting positions at Imperial College London, Washington University in St Louis and has recently become a Policy Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has written more than 50 academic and policy papers and has co-authored a book on Quantum Theory. Daniel is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the Royal Society of Arts and serves on the ORCID board as its Treasurer.
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Platform Strategies

AI vs IA: How Will Humans and Technologies Interplay in the Future of Scholarly Communication?

Technology has both the potential to empower and to disenfranchise all the participants in the research lifecycle. We are undoubtedly at the dawn of a new revolution in technology – one that will fundamentally change how research is carried out and communicated. In this talk, we explore what the world could be like in the near future as the calculational and creative capabilities of artificial intelligence emerge. Will we overcome inherent biases in AI? Can an AI be smart enough to think creatively? Will intelligent augmentation expand our capabilities rather than artificial intelligence replacing them altogether?